Newsletter Back Issues

Newsletter Back Issues
All Issues of the Family Newsletter are available from 1995 onwards (original, not photocopied). See Journals for a list of the contents of each issue.

Newsletter Issues 1 to 10 are sold at the reduced price of £1.50 per copy. All subsequent copies are priced at £2.50 per copy. Both prices include packing and postage worldwide.

Indexes:  Index for Issues 1-10 is in Issue 11; Index for Issues 11-20 is in Issue 21; Index for Issues 21-30 is in Issue 31; Index for Issues 31-40 is in Issue 41.

Binders for Newsletters

Binders for Newsletters

The binders hold 16 issues and are covered in a dark green material, with the shell and anchor of the Society’s badge.

The binders cost £7.50 each including postage and packing in the UK.

For overseas the cost is £10 each including airmail postage and packing.

**Special Package Deal**  Issues 1-16 of Newsletter in binder:  £35.00 per copy (P&P will vary according to location)


‘His Own Executioner: The Life of Nigel Balchin’ by Derek Collett

This biography of Nigel Marlin Balchin tells the story of a man who, at various points in his life, was an industrial psychologist, an army officer, a film scriptwriter and, of course, a very fine novelist.

The book can be posted to members in the UK for only £12; For prices to post overseas, please enquire of Colin Balchin.

E-mail: or post to address on Order Form.


Odyssey Marine Exploration HMS Victory 2008

The Odyssey, a fully-equipped marine exploration vessel, surveyed the English Channel in 2008. She located and identified the wreck of HMS Victory, Admiral Balchin's battleship, which disappeared in a storm on October 4th 1744. This DVD shows the progress of the investigation, in programmes first broadcast in February 2009. There is also a condensed version showing the main points of the location and identification.

1 - Odyssey HMS Victory part 1     Play time 43 minutes

2 - Odyssey HMS Victory part 2    Play time 43 minutes

3 - Condensed version for The Balchin Family Society     Play time 37 minutes 

This DVD is not Region coded, and should play on players in all regions.

First broadcast in the USA and UK on the Discovery Channel in February 2009.

Reproduced by permission of Odyssey Marine Exploration.

Published 2010 by The Balchin Family Society for supply to members only.

Price per copy, including package and post (airmail overseas) only £12.00.  Please allow a month for delivery.

**Please note that we can only supply this DVD to paid-up members.**


Balchin Society Shopping Bags

The Society bag is made of quality cream calico, with the Balchin badge printed on both sides. Width x depth approximately 36 x 42 cm.

The Society Bag can be puchased for £4.00 each (£1.50 p&p) within UK.


Balchin Society Tea Towels

The Society Tea Towel is made of quality white linen, with Vanhurst and the Balchin badge printed on one side. Width x depth approximately 76 x 48 cm. For more info about Vanhurst, please click here.

The Society Tea Towel can be purchased for £3.50 each (£1.50 p&p) within UK.



The Balchin Family Society Lapel Badge

We are pleased to announce the arrival of The Balchin Family Society Lapel Badge! The badge, which shows the Balchin Family Crest, has been beautifully manufactured with excellent detail and colourful enamelling. The badge is of a high quality metal construction with locking safety clasp.  The badge measures 30 by 25 mm and is supplied in an attractive presentation gift box with the Balchin Family Society in gold  lettering on the lid.  The badge is available at £7 each plus packing and postage.

Balchin Society Mugs

The Society mugs are made of bone china and have the Balchin badge in gold on two sides with THE BALCHIN FAMILY written above each badge. The rim has gold edging. Mugs can be purchased for £7.50 each, and are available only at Gatherings.

Balchin Family Society - Order Form

We are currently unable to offer an online service.

Please complete the attached Order Form and post together with your remittance to:-

Mr. Colin Balchin

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom Orders:- Please make cheques payable to Balchin Family Society

Overseas Orders:- Please provide a sterling draft on a UK Bank, or sterling notes at your own risk.

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