Edmund Balchin – 12-Gauge Double Barrelled Shotgun Circa 1850

Edmund Balchin Gunmaker of Hull – Shotgun

A series of photographs of one of Edmund’s shotguns: a 12-gauge Damascus barrelled, side by side, hammer shotgun circa 1850. This is an under leaver, double hammer and double trigger, 12-g Nitro Proof shotgun. It has detailed engraving around the fore grip and action. Has a 30” barrel with a 14” stock, is Choked One quarter and Three quarters and weighs in at 6.5lbs (2.95kg).

(Pattern-welded Damascus steel is made by arranging pieces of iron and steel, or two or more different types of steel together, to create specific patterns in the finished product.  The European blacksmiths gained a proficiency at creating pattern-welded Damascus around the first part of the 19th century.  The manufacture of spiral welded gun barrels in pattern-welded Damascus steel, was a huge industry for over 100 years, ending around 1930.)

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