Nigel Marlin Balchin Novels

A collection of novels by Nigel Marlin Balchin.

Books written by Nigel Balchin include:- ‘No Sky’ (1934); ‘Simple Life’ (1935); ‘Lightbody on Liberty’ (1936); ‘Darkness Falls From The Air’ (1942); ‘The Small Black Room’ (1943); ‘Mine Own Executioner’ (1945); ‘Lord, I Was Afraid’ (1947); ‘The Borgia Testament’ (1948); ‘A Sort of Traitors’ (1949) (made into film ‘Suspect’); ‘The Anatomy of Villainy’ (1950) (essays);  ‘A Way Through The Wood’ (1951) (made into a film ‘Separate Lies’ (2005) and a stage play ‘Waiting for Gillian’ (1954)); ‘Sundry Creditors’ (1953); ‘The Fall of The Sparrow’ (1955); ‘Seen Dimly Before Dawn’ (1962); ‘Fatal Fascination: A Choice of Crime’  (essays by Balchin and three other writers) (1964); ‘In the Absence of Mrs. Petersen’ (1966) and ‘The Kings of Infinite Space’ (1967).

Films:- ‘Mine Own Executioner’ (1947) and ‘The Small Black Room’ (1949) where also made into films. Nigel Balchin was also involved in writing screenplays for a number of other films including:- ‘Fame Is the Spur’ (1947); ‘Mandy’ (1952); ‘Malta Story’ (1953); ‘Josephine and Men’ (1955); ‘The Leader of the House’ written for TV (1955); ‘The Man Who Never Was’ (1956); ’23 Paces to Baker Street’ (1956); ‘Sea Wife’ (1957) (not credited); ‘The Barbarian and the Geisha’ (1958)(not credited); ‘The Blue Angel’ (1959); ‘A Circle of Deception’ (1960); ‘Suspect’ (1960); ‘The Singer Not the Song’ (1961); ‘Barabbas’ (1961); ‘The Hatchet Man’ written for TV (1962); ‘Cleopatra’ (not credited) (1963); ‘Eleven Years and One Day’ (1963) and ‘Better Dead’ written for TV (1969).

Miscellaneous:- Income and Outcome. A Study of Personal Finance (1936); The Aircraft Builders. An Account of British Aircraft Production 1935-1945 (1947) monograph; Last Recollections of My Uncle Charles (1954) (stories) and The Worker in Modern Industry (1954) (pamphlet).

A collection of books by Nigel Marlin Balchin:-  ‘The Borgia Testament’ (1948); ‘Darkness Falls From The Air’ (1942); ‘Sundry Creditors’ (1953); ‘Mine Own Executioner’ (1945) and ‘The Small Black Room’ (1943).


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‘A Sort of Traitors’ published 1949. Click on book to read more about Nigel Marlin Balchin