Balchin Family Gathering 2017 - Alfold Village Hall

On Sunday 10th September the 24th Balchin Family Gathering was held at Alfold Village hall. This was the third successive year that the gathering was held at Alfold, one of the Surrey strongholds of Balchins throughout the ages.

This year saw an exciting day of with many speakers. The main topic was an informative and exceptional technique developed by Dr Tom Balchin on Stroke Recovery. Tom Balchin, MEd, PhD, FRSB, is the Founder and Director of the ARNI Institute (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury). He has worked at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Brunel, Reading and Middlesex Universities specialising in high ability, gifted education, the creative brain and stroke rehabilitation. He is currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes. The ARNI Institute was founded for stroke survivors and families: providing specialist rehabilitation and exercise support after hospital and community physiotherapy finishes.

Other topics covered the popular 'What have you found?'; 'Balchin Show and Tell - your atrifacts; the Balchin Calendar; 'Visiting Western France in 1937' and 'Edmund Balchin - Gunsmith, his life, family and Surrey background' for more on  follow the link:  Edmund Balchin: Gun Maker of Hull

A full report will be found in the forthcoming January 2018 edition Issue 47 of the 'Balchin Family Newsletter'